Fertility issues are an increasing western problem. Currently 1 in 6 couples have difficulty in conceiving and are referred to a specialist.  
It is thought that approximately 40% of fertility lies with the man, 40% with the woman and 20% to a combination. It is therefore important that infertility is viewed a joint condition.
Traditional Chinese Medicine has been successfully applied to help infertility for more than 2000 years and more recently western research has seen it come more and more to the forefront in fertility medicine as either a support or as an alternative. 
Patients  come with recognised conditions which can cause infertility.
For women these can include:
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Blocked Fallopian tubes
Auto-immune disorders
Hormone imbalances
For man these can include
Low sperm count, motility or morphology
Additionally many cases of infertility will have an unknown cause.
Traditional Chinese Medical treatment for infertility is based not just on these medical terms but on traditional pattern discrimination. The first step is to look at the menstrual cycle and attempt to regulate it. This may involve changing the length or regularity of the cycle, the heaviness and nature of the period, or premenstrual symptoms. See the discussion of the menstrual cycle for further explanation. Making these improvements can improve mature egg quality, fertile mucus and the endometrium which in turn increase the likelyhood of fertilization and implantation.
We also help many couples to have their baby naturally!
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