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Our Practice Grows By Recommendations!

Dr. Jasmine Zhang graduated from the most famous Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She has a Master Degree after 8 years of training in both Western Medicine & Traditional Chinese Medicine.Her Master Degree major subject is Gynaecology of Chinese Medicine.(Certificate No.:Z103153020037)

Dr. Jasmine Zhang also has over 25 years of clinical experience.Specially be expert in infertility treatment using acupuncture and herbal treatment.

Dr. Jasmine Zhang is exceptional when faced with difficult problems requiring specialist skills, and she can speak very good English alongside developing an exceptional reputation over the years.

Dr. Jasmine Zhang is highly skilled in the practice of abdominal acupuncture and cheek acupuncture, which results in instant relief; the treatment is painless, relaxing and enjoyable, and is especially suitable for the fear/phobia of needles.

Dr. Jasmine Zhang is also a very experienced herbalist.She has been learning from the most famous chinese medicine infertility consultant in China.

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