Consultation: £20 (if you have the treatment, this will be FREE)
Acupuncture (A)   Medical Massage (M)   Cupping (C)
(We think A+M+C is the best combination of the TCM, 
so we normally do them all together to get the best result)
Acupuncture+Massage+Cupping (A+M+C): £50.00   
Acupuncture +Cupping (A+C): £45.00 
Acupuncture +Massage(A+M): £45.00 

Acupuncture +Moxibustion(A+M): £45.00 
Only Acupuncture (A):  £40.00 
Only Medical Massage (M): £30.00 for 30 minutes 
Only Moxibustion(Herb Stick Warm treatment): £30.00 for 30 minutes

Only Cupping (C):

Dry cupping £20.00 
Wet cupping £30.00 
Ear Candle: £20.00 
Ear points: £10.00 
Dry Herbs: £6.00 - £12.00 per bag (for 1-2 days use)
Herb Granules: £30.00 - £50.00 (for 1 week )
Herb Tablets: £10(1 week)
Herbal Cream and Herbal Products:  Varied